1. Navyoscar45

    (Help) "Directory access is forbidden" in my index.php and mydomain/xx

    I keep getting Directory access is forbidden in my index.php file and also 403 error in my domain/xx .. please any help will be well appreciated ..am using ftp manager to manage my files & my cpanel is vestacp
  2. M

    Alexa just banned my IP and showing 403 forbidden error

    I downloaded 20 pages of Alexa and now it's showing me 403 forbidden error: "You don't have permission to access /siteinfo/ on this server." I went through their FAQ and they say I have to contact them to manually white-list my IP again. Do you know what's the crawl rate of Alexa !? They didn't...
  3. A

    Google 403 Forbidden Error, how to avoid?

    Hi friends, I just finished a keywords research tool, it's really powerful. Unfortunatelly, when it init 10 threads to query Google, it will get banned after little minutes, the queries near 1000 times. Google will return a 403 Forbidden Error like this: Because I have to query Google...
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