3d animated video

  1. mrakter8022

    Again come Back 3d Projects Modeling Animation

    Long time 10 years later again start 3d Projects modeling, Texering, Animation .... today first work ....
  2. SEOWhat

    Need urgent 3D work done

    Hi, I need a few 3d objects created. I can pay $20 per object. I will send 2 samples to be done in a few hours and all works ok, more work after that follows. I don't need rendering done, just object created in cinema4d or blender Please send me samples of your work too. Cheers!
  3. B

    20 Seconds of free Animated Video

    Hello Everyone, Giving away a short free animated video of 20 seconds maximum. How long I will be able to continue this giveaway depends on how much free time I have and I may discontinue in middle If I get more busy. You can give your script or storyboard or idea and I will make it for you...
  4. B

    15 seconds Free Animated Promotional Video for Experienced BHW Members

    Hello Everyone, As we all know that animated promotional videos help in boosting sales of any product or service so I am giving away 15 seconds of free animated promotional videos to all BHW members who have more than 50 posts herein BHW. Requirements You must have your script or storyboard...