3d animated video

  1. SEOWhat

    Need urgent 3D work done

    Hi, I need a few 3d objects created. I can pay $20 per object. I will send 2 samples to be done in a few hours and all works ok, more work after that follows. I don't need rendering done, just object created in cinema4d or blender Please send me samples of your work too. Cheers!
  2. B

    20 Seconds of free Animated Video

    Hello Everyone, Giving away a short free animated video of 20 seconds maximum. How long I will be able to continue this giveaway depends on how much free time I have and I may discontinue in middle If I get more busy. You can give your script or storyboard or idea and I will make it for you...
  3. B

    15 seconds Free Animated Promotional Video for Experienced BHW Members

    Hello Everyone, As we all know that animated promotional videos help in boosting sales of any product or service so I am giving away 15 seconds of free animated promotional videos to all BHW members who have more than 50 posts herein BHW. Requirements You must have your script or storyboard...