301 expired domain

  1. Smeklinis

    Anyone has success with non-relevant 301 domain redirect ?

    So, totally irrelevant niche, anchors, but clean and very good backlinks profile from high authority sites - anchors branded and naked url. 301 redirect to new money site. Share your experience.
  2. R

    Can a domain that’s been 301 get link juice?

    Hi, guys. I found a highly niche-related expired domain a few minutes ago before I post this thread. 1) the RDs are about 20 2) No spammy links, and the links are also from niche-related high DA site 3) The anchors are something like 'thanks for aaa from aaa.com", which I thought is pretty...
  3. G

    301 Home page Or categories

    Hi guys, is it better to 301 expired domain to homepage or categories?
  4. Abdullah Prem

    301 ridirection method need help!

    I have a expired domain which i want to ridirect to new domain say that i want to old domain(root) - 301 - new domain (root) & old domain (pages) - 301 - new domain(pages) cause the expired domain has 40% home page links and 60% links on best pages. I want to both to happen. Any httaccess...
  5. robin222

    Can I point the expired domain name from 301 to the homepage and change it to point to the inside page?

    I purchased an expired domain name a few months ago and 301 redirected to the homepage of my niche website, but the effect was not very good. I want to modify the configuration file to redirect the expired domain name to the internal page (relevant, ranking page) of a niche website. Is it ok? Is...
  6. Ed Roy

    What To Consider Before Buying Expired Domain?

    I have shortlisted some expired domains. Some domains have a decent number of backlinks. Even some sites still have some visitors. My ultimate goal is to buy them and redirect ( 301 permanent redirects ) those domains to my main sites. Now, My question is: how can I know that Google did not...
  7. Fashina Samson

    Expired Domain 301 Redirect Gone Wrong

    Hey guys, i made a mistake by redirecting an expired domain to my money site, the links were clean to me and for the first 2 weeks the rankings were growing until it started dropping and now does not even rank at all. I have disconnected the expired domain and even disavowed it in GSC, it is...
  8. robin222

    About expired domain name 301 jump

    I purchased 1 premium expired domain name with 500 RDs. But the domain name has been 301 redirected to another website since 18 years, but their niche is consistent. The history is very clean and there is no spam score. I want to redirect the expired domain name to one of my niche websites, is...
  9. Xaliu

    Expired Domain DA26 (Ahref) 301?

    Hey BHers, I've got this expired domain with DA 26. Nich is classified ads. Is it safe to redirect 301 to my News niche?. To be safe I want to know how I could utilize it wisely. I don't know if Google would penelize my site.
  10. T

    Expired Domain to A New Blog Development (Help Needed)

    #REPOST Hi there everyone, This is my second post at BHW Forum. I would like to share and ask for some advice. About 10 months ago I purchased an expired domain form a friend of mine. The domain is good (SEO metrics). My aim behind purchasing the domain is to rebuild the website with fresh...
  11. sanjananb

    Question about 301 redirects

    I have registered 20 expired domains related to my main website niche with good metrics. Now i am planning to redirect all these domains to my main website using .htaccess 301 redirects Should i host these expired domains under different hosts, IPs or is it ok if i keep all these expired...
  12. robin222

    How long can I see the effect of a 301 redirect

    I redirected a premium expired domain name to my niche website via 301. How long can I see how the expired domain name can improve my niche website SERP? 1 month or longer?
  13. robin222

    Does Google's latest algorithm update affect expired domain 301 redirects

    The keywords of several of my niche sites have been hovering on page 2 of Google, and I want to redirect to my niche site via 301 by purchasing some high-quality expired domain names. What I want to confirm is this latest update from Google in December. Has it cracked down on expired domain name...
  14. robin222

    Does an expired domain name help the website keyword SERP increase quickly?

    I now want to buy 1 or 2 expired domain names and jump to my main website through 301. I wonder if this method will help improve the keyword SERP of the website? is it safe?
  15. D

    Question about redirect 301 services

    Hello, I found guys who promise links from Forbes, CNN, huffington post, etc. major websites to my page. They say that can not choose the keywords, because use already existing links to expired domains which will be redirected via 301 to me. Is that way of link building help for ranking?
  16. BentoMJIT

    301 Redirect or High Quality PBN Link

    I've plan to some domains with good metrics (usually for PBN build) or making 301 redirect the domains to my money site. It's ok to redirect expired domains with a different niche on my money site? Will this method make my money site for getting penalize? And if this ok, how about the power...
  17. schttrj

    Expired Domains: 301 Redirect Page by Page? Or to Root Domain?

    I am a little confused about how to utilize the expired domain. I have THREE scenarios for you. Please advise. 1. I recreate the most linked pages on the expired domain and 301-redirect it to a mirrored new domain, page by page, URL by URL. 2. I recreate a basic website on the expired domain...
  18. _Corazon_

    Redirect Expired Domain to Money Site? Don't do it!!

    Hey guys, Check this out: What do you think about that? PS: John is a SEO Analyist at Google.
  19. S

    301 redirection question

    I have done redirection from an expired domain to my niche site (home to home/domain to domain ) I have another expired domain with some content with backlink profile. I want to 301 the old expired domain pages URL to URL of pages on niche site. and redirect all the 404 pages to expired...
  20. C

    Can I use the same content?

    Hi all, I recently bought one site and it had done the 301 redirect to another site over 2 years. Now I want to run this site as an authority site. Can I copy and use the same homepage content when it launches online? I do not intend to hire freelancer to rewrite the content as its so perfect...