1. Lord_RK

    Bye Bye 2019

    Hello Everyone Finally 2019 is going to end and just wanted to share my experience of this year. Every year happen something good and bad, we take some good and bad decisions for us. In this years I have taken some big decisions for me. IDK its good or bad for me but there is hope that I will...
  2. CPA Studio

    [FREE] How to Get NameCheap VPN Access for free 1 Month

    Was browsing name cheap today and found this. https://www.namecheap.com/vpn/#pricing They are offering free 1 Month access to their VPN [100% off on the 1st month] Step 1. Go to the Url above and select monthly plan. Step 2. Login to your Namecheap account and link your payment. Step 3...
  3. KJREDDY247@

    Joined the Blue team: New JR. VIP here

    After spending more than 1 year on this forum. I just joined the blue team. Thanks for the quick processing I just made the payment and within less than 5 minutes my badge turned into Blue. That was so quick. Thanks for that. Happy to Join the blue badge team :) :)
  4. Izuki

    How much $/day do you wanna earn by the end of 2020

    Hi everyone, 2019 is almost over. Hope you all had a prosperous year with lot's of new knowledge and money gained. Let's all set a goal/expectation for ourselves in 2020. This way we can have a real goal to work towards in the next year. I will start first :) I want to earn $300 a day by the...
  5. CreativeDaddy

    Instagram poster

    Hi all. Anyone can help me find a good free instagram auto poster for like 3 pictures a day? I found this on github https://github.com/Ademking/InstaPoster but I have no skills in coding. I got some accounts but my job + gym turns almost impossible to manage everything and still have time for...
  6. saii

    2.7 lack Impressions on Pinterest

    Hello guys I am having a Pinterest account where I am sharing health-related topics in a native language(Hindi). I am having 2.7 lack impressions on that account but engagement is very low. check out the screenshot. My question is Is there anything wrong with my account? Or It is just...
  7. Jalenworldwide

    Buying YouTube views (2019)

    What panel are you guys using for Instant/Quality YouTube views now-a-days? I went to Fanssuply & they didn't provide good service. In the description it said "Instant" but views took around 24 hours to even start Then I went to instant-fans and got the same result. I'm just looking for a...
  8. IGKing

    ▶️ 5 DAY FREE TRIAL ◀️ - ✅ Highly Targeted Instagram Growth ✅ 2023 Optimized ✅ Custom Analytics ✅ Growth Coaching + More!

    Sales Page ― How It Works ― Features ― Reviews ― Pricing ― Video Library ― Home Page Check Out Our Video Library to Watch Our How It Works Video, Growth Services Explained Video, and More! Hey Black Hat World! Get highly targeted Instagram growth with your new Personal Growth Assistant...
  9. Cyberars

    [METHOD] How to Rank on YouTube without a video [Full Guide] 11/2019

    Since many of our clients asking, what is working now on YouTube and how to rank long-tail keywords like they used to do easily with the old NRV uHR views in the past, i made this case study to show how easy you can rank today, even without a video with a simple method in just a 4 steps... (in...
  10. C

    What is best PPI network for publishers to use, please HELP !

    I'm using PPI for almost 5 years now and it's the best monetization solution for my website, PPI had it gold days, but nowadays the networks i worked with are giving really bad revenue, so i'm looking for new PPI, anyone can you please sugest something good, currently i'm working with PinapFile
  11. pejuanghitam

    hello, can i ask some question? is churn and burn

    Is Churn and Burn methos is can use for 2019 ? and if can work if just for legal sites? ilegal sites also can ? Because i have see so many my competitor in google some week can up in rank 1 2 or 3 in google with good keyword, and then i check the sites, is no have a good backlink . I build my...
  12. D

    Is CPA still worth it in 2019?

    I know there is still some money to be made with CPA, but I've noticed that way less people use it anymore and that it has a negative reputation. So, my question is this: Is CPA really worth it in 2019? My personal opinion of this is that, the time and effort that you have to put into CPA (like...
  13. K

    Making money from Porn sites in 2019.

    Hey, I am new to this site. I have read Adrian's blog regarding porn site earnings. I want to know, Are those methods like banner adds and video uploading still worth to try. As he says, he has updated all articles in 2019 and still valid for earn money. I am very badly need to find another...
  14. Kgnkr

    [2019 EZ Journey]Go to 50 account / 1K followers per day

    Hi ! I do music so i need instagram, pretty basic so far. i'm tired of paying for shoutout and i'll try m/s method journey What do i need : Automation software, proxies, accounts, knowledge, smspva, content and vps (optional) What i have: First : I chose GMT2 for the price, pretty sure i'll...
  15. Emily Smithes

    Any one have information about Google June 2019 Core Search Algorithm Update?

    I think its Big
  16. Finn

    Best On-Page and Off-Page SEO Techniques in 2019

    Search engine optimization is not going away. As search becomes more ingrained into the way people find answers to questions and information pertaining to their activities and interests, the battle to the top will continue to be pivotal. But SEO is a tricky game that is always changing and never...
  17. Cro7

    Any problems to avoid on Mother/Child method in 2019?

    Hi guys I am new here and I am reading lot. Interested in Mother/Child method.. Are there anything that maybe you do not want to do in this method, that worked in the past but doesn't work in 2019? What are the things that I need to care most about? Proxies? Want to make 10 quality child...
  18. A

    How would i index backlinks automatically?(2019)

    Hello Am new on seo , and I want to get somegood backlinks to my 3 websites . So can you give some infos and feel free to contact me for further informations.
  19. sohom

    [Wordpress/Php] Image Hosting script/theme (free, easy to setup, no plugin required)

    My Open Source Github Project/Repository URL : https://github.com/mediabots/Wordpress-Php-Image-Hosting-Script Wordpress/Php Image Hosting theme or script This theme dedicated to photo/image lovers. Now you can upload & share your beautiful moments with the help of this free wordpress theme...
  20. A

    My movie streaming Journey in (2019)

    Hi, now Google does not like streaming movie sites, the question is how to get traffic from there? whether there are many ways to promote or something else, I will be grateful for all your advice. I create a new website+offshore hosting using Toroplay theme and I upload 50 movies + I embedded...
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