2019 money idea

  1. Sachindx

    2019 $$ YOUTUBE killing this smart work?

    Now , I feel so sad because YOUTUBE take an action who use copy tagging method seo to rank video. Today I got a new mail from Youtube that some one claim towards their own tags copying copyright issue.so I have to delete my video with 1.4million views .so what I do the next for SEO. Want...
  2. Sanky bro

    MTURK JOURNEY [40$] per day. Noe in 2019

    First of all thanks for some BHW motivational thread post.which encourage me to do hardwork more and more. I learnt two things from there.:::::::: 1.stuck with one thing at a time with unique effort and full of your caliber. 2. Never feel hopeless. 3.accept truth that MAKING MONEY ONLINE is...
  3. beastkay

    Media is making money - War like situation between India - Pak

    Fake news at this time making money. Is anyone here is using this scene for getting bucks in pocket? And one more thing I want to ask you guys as a human. Do you really thing war should happen? Do you believe in war? Parenting terrorists groups in your country is true? Really want some...