1. U

    Returning 10 Years Later - Disability, Rekindled hope, and an old dream

    God, it’s good to come back to the place where I started my internet marketing journey almost 10 years ago. I don’t have my old account anymore so I decided to make a fresh one. I do admit, BHW has changed quite a bit. Jeez, I feel old and full of regrets writing this. Back in 2011, I was the...
  2. sadbruhmoments

    What's your top artist of the decade?

    I wanted to do something similiar to the Spotify Wrapped, which I really like, but for this forum. So, what's your top artist/genre of the 2010s? I don't really have one, since this decade represented my childhood. I went from Green Day to Linkin Park, then from Eminem to Skrillex and lastly...
  3. Z

    Voice Analysis Toolkit Labview

    This is the perfect robotic starter kit for Labview. Using highly advance algorithms and customized analysis methods this application is able to learn new words without programming them individually. It is currently the first of it’s kind and also the most efficient way to process voice...
  4. V

    Contest 2010 video for bhw!

    3 years Ago I made a video that won second place in 2010 over a contest to see who would make a good ad for our fellow website, just thought I would post it here along with the mp3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTd2u9CdIxw MP3 http://www.sendspace.com/file/z1m331
  5. D

    How do i get world cup traffic ? for my World Cup Blog ?

    How do i get world cup traffic ? for my http://theworldcupchampion.com World Cup Blog ? :)
  6. towerjunkie

    Summer Vacation 2010 ideas?

    Me and some friends wants to go somewhere cheap this summer, but where? We want to go somewhere for 14 days, to a city with more than 500k people (or some place where there's tons of stuff to do). Any ideas?? Also.. Where are you going this vacation, and why?
  7. optionMark

    Where is IM and BH going to be in 2010?

    I know how everyone is always trying this find the newest and best way to BH and WH for IM. Let's throw some ideas out there to see what you guys think the IM world is going to be in 2010. Personally I think the social networking hasn't been tapped fully yet and people are not used to be whored...
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