1. daniel089

    Anonymous 1GBit VPN (VPS) ?

    Hello everyone, I am looking for an anonymous VPN that guarantees me 1GBit bandwidth.I have a 1GBit internet line and would like to use it fully for P2P with my NAS at home. Many private bittorrent trackers forbid shared IPs (because of multi accounting detection) and therefore I need a...
  2. tutughosh

    BitHosts.org - Affordable Dedicated Server for Individual and Resellers

    Presents Hello Guys This is Anirban Ghosh from ServerHosh Internet Service. I am starting this New Thread to focus on our Dedicated Servers which we Hosted at Seattle, USA on a Private Data Center. Those who are our Current Clients on ServerHosh and Bithosts already aware of our Dedicated...
  3. RootLayer_Sales

    [RootLayer.Net] Win KVM VPS 15 EUR, Dedicated Server 38 EUR, Streaming Server 299 EUR

    Welcome to RootLayer Web Services LTD. :) Below, We are posting some of our products, services & offers. Windows KVM VPS (Full Admin), Root Dedicated Servers(Windows/Linux/Others), & Root CDN/Streaming Servers(Windows/Linux/Others). We will also post some weekly or similar special deals to...
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