1000th post

  1. Rajthepositivelife

    My 1000th post, My journey from a noob to a Full time Internet Marketer

    Hey buddies, It feels awesome to be writing my 1000th post on bhw, I was a noob in IM when I joined bhw 2 years ago, since then I have been trying to learn from stuff that is shared here and trying to implement a small percentage of the huge ocean of knowledge on bhw. I said - "a small %"...
  2. Botwiz

    Just Curious? What after 1000 posts on BHW?

    So I know I got to my 1000th post and that was all fun and games. Just wondering if there is any other incentives besides mod or exec. vip now? Of course it would be sweet to become either of those, but who knows if that is going to happen. Anything like more stars or something else that can...
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