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ZonBot Automatic Amazon Reseller Pricing Tool

Discussion in 'Service Reviews & Beta Testers Help Wanted' started by ace939, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. ace939

    ace939 Newbie

    Jul 3, 2011
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    I would like to Introduce a new app I have been developing.
    It is called ZonBot. It is a tool to help Amazon Sellers to
    remain competitive in the Amazon Market Place.

    It is designed to grab your amazon store inventory
    using the Amazon API. It will then auto-update
    your prices automatically based on the pricing
    options you set.

    It is also designed with a scheduler to auto-update
    your prices on a daily basis, so I can be totally
    hands free once you have it setup.

    With this software you can remain a step ahead of
    your competitors.

    We are looking for a small group of beta testers.
    You should be an experienced Amazon Seller and
    have some good ideas on how to make this software better.

    We are looking to add a lot of nice features in
    the future, like auto-fulfillment, Product
    Trending, and Smart Pricing based off
    of other sites on the inter webs selling
    similar products in your store.

    All this to ensure you remain competitive in the
    amazon market place.

    If your interested in helping in being a beta tester,
    Please PM me.