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Discussion in 'CPA' started by tonlilaz, Apr 27, 2012.

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    I'm working on my own cpa submit project.... where a user enters in his/her zip code and then they are taken to my offer page. I am not paid by a cpa company when a person enters an zip code...this is my own offer and I notice that having a submit box (like what cpas have) increases my offer conversion rate on my product (weeds out pple not interested and weeds out bots that inflate page views)....and having them enter their zip code allows me to put their 'local state' in the header to personalize the landing page. At the same time, i'm worrying that most people aren't going to want to put in their zip code (privacy), and as a result many who might be interested might forgo entering their info and push the 'back' i'm contemplating putting a location drop down menu instead.

    I know pple will probably say that I should put in an email submit and collect emails, but i really don't mess with email marketing and never have....and i think putting an email submit would lower click throughs to my offer page..

    Do you think swapping a zip submission box for a location drop down box would increase click throughs? I know i'm going to have to 'test' each ad type, but i wanted to get pple's opinions