Zero Parallel Promotes Compliance with ZP WatchDog

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Sep 5, 2014
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Zero Parallel considers consumer protection a top priority.
We are surrounded by a great deal of fraud within our industry. This behavior is harmful and poses a threat to the way we do business.

Zero Parallel isn't designed to accept fraudulent leads or work with publishers that promote fraud.

As a result, we've launched ZP WatchDog. This is our solution for preventing the growth of fraud in our industry, designed in an effort to keep this industry compliant.
The ZP WatchDog database consists of publishers who continuously misuse consumer data and have been marked as "non-compliant." It's an effective way for networks and lead generators to update their banned lists by becoming aware of non-compliant publishers.

Please visit ZP WatchDog for more information.

We strongly welcome any suggestions you have for ways in which we can stop the growth of fraud in this industry. We value our relationships with our publishers and look forward to continuously growing with them.
Have you been watching ZP WatchDog?
Your tool in helping promote compliance in our industry.

The only website devoted to fighting fraud in the short term loan industry. We want to get rid of the bad apples as much as you do. That's why we created ZP WatchDog... so that together as an industry, we can fight the repeated attempts by various parties to pass fraudulent leads. We have an entire staff dedicated to handling customer inquiries and complaints, all because we want to enhance the customer experience.

Go to to see how we're doing. Together we're stronger!
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