Zenno Poster or learn a language?

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    Since there is a big learning curve for Zenno poster does it make more sense to learn a language and make your own programs? If so what language is the best to interact with websites either from a VPS or from a desktop application. If not, is it worth always paying for the update portion if Zenno at first or would it be better to just wait untill I learned how to use it before paying for updates?

    I would be starting from almost zero programming experience.
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    I am not a programmer, but i teach myself some php or c # here and there. It took me about 1 month to be able to master Zenno and it will take me a year to master php from what i see.

    Zenno is meant for you to do web automation without the need to learn a language so it has a shorter learning curve. If you have the time to learn a programing language, it is probably the best thing to do in the long run. Lerning vb.net , c # is great for a carreer. Learning zenno is great for a method.

    I think zenno still has a 1 month free trial. Just try both out and see how it goes for you
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    I would definitely recommend going the programming route. It has a bit steeper learning curve at first, but once you learn the syntax of your language of choice (VB.Net in my case, and I'd second VB.Net/C#) and wrap your head around the basics of object-oriented programming, the sky is the limit. You can almost always find a way to make something work with methods within your abilities, and you can always expand your skills (or, in extreme cases, adapt code directly from the net to suit your needs, as I used to often do in my earlier days).
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    ZennoPoster is great, easy to use and easy to learn Framework. Zenno's developers have built useful tools for you to automate your web processes.
    If you want to code your own bot (Delphi, .NET, Python, Ruby, etc.) you'll have to learn how to program first. Then, you'll need to learn how to program WELL, which will take you some time (it will take you way longer than learn how to use Zenno). Of course, if you learn a language, you'll be able to implement as many features as you want in your bot, but it will take longer.
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    Go and try Ruby: http://tryruby.org
    If you don't have fun going through it or even don't make it through you should better go with Zenno.
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    knowing a programming language doesnt translate into knowing how to automate a browser... a hell of a llot more involved than that
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    And the "idea" of is more important. I've tutored a couple of people in the past, but when I ask them "so what is your aim, what do you want to code" they have no idea.
    One member of this forum (a well respected one) spent 4 months learning C# - and does nothing with it. Every time he thinks of coding something there's a BH application that already does it, and given the choice between spending 3 days coding your own application, or just spending $49 on someone elses (with lifetime support and updates)..the option is always to use someone elses.

    Others come in with the idea they are going to code the next SENukex (which of course IS possible, if you have a spare year or so and are very experienced, and have testing and support staff etc)

    There are LOADS of things you can do, and programming is a great idea. But have the idea first or, like many who go down this route, you might end up knowing a language pretty well and have spent a lot of time and money learning it - then find little or no practical use for it.

    Coding solves problems.
    If you don't have a problem you can define - then sit back and think for a while before jumping in.

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    I'm still learning vb.net,c# and php (When I only Have Extra time)I only focus on this 3 thing as for the moment I can't do anything to it yet Even I know all syntax and the only thing I can use Now is PHP(because I use this on my non wordpress site) I'm good in debugging but for some reason I can't create automation all I can do is basic stuff like connect to data base log in all things that website can do on PHP and I'm good in designing maybe this is the reason I find hard to make things on programming language all people I know that good in programing are very sucks in designing so I decide to buy soon and create things on ubot maybe you can try same thing while learning programming language do stuff on zenno but I prefer ubot I already Idea on my mind how to earn from it.. I always look for what I'm going to earn If I learn something..
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    ZennoPoster is used by users with no coding skills and very experienced programmers. That's because of its flexibility, we provide two diffirent tools for create automation projects - ProjectMaker and CodeCreator. Both of them are used for web automation and allow you to interact with browser, but in ProjectMaker you do that with no coding skills, it is drag-and-drop and userfriendly interface. If you get used to code, then CodeCreator is for you. You interact there with browser, handle files, emails, etc, and that's by using convenient framework (in php or C#).
    Browser automation from scratch could drive you nuts, we spent a few years of work to get such a tool, but if you've got a few years of spare time it might be good idea:)