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Mar 31, 2009
Hail to my overlords whom deemed it cool to create a journals thread. So I've been around for three years on the IM scene, and BHW is without a doubt number one.

So the story so far.....

I had a newbie journal thread back in the day (its no longer available) where I started out from nothing on a path to $100 a day. This took about 4 months as I recall. From there it took 8 months to hit $500 days. The $1k was cracked about after about a year. Getting that stable took another bunch of months. Working with JVs since then, my ventures have generated approaching 2 million combined amongst a handful of excellent partners.

I'm not going to get into specifics, or answer PMs about this thread. I will be giving insights that have helped me, and some outside of the box ideas that don't get mentioned nearly enough. Needless to say given the size of this project, I won't give up my sites, or exact methodology. Smart people will read between the lines ;)

I don't do SEO, this will not be about adsense, mfa's, authority sites, or any other stuff like that. I deal in third party traffic, media buying, email, ppc, ppv, and pretty much anything else that isn't as infuriatingly slow and boring as SEO. No offence to those that do SEO, you guys rock, I think of you like skiers, whereas I'm a snowboarder, we do the same thing but differently.

At very worst my work over the next period will be gray hat, with the vast majority being white hat. Blackhat IM can sometimes not be the same as Blackhat SEO, so to make it clear, I will be operating well within the borders of what's legal.

So what's the goal?

euro40,000,000 in 10,000 hours. I chose 10,000 hours as this is the research accepted time it takes to become world class master in most disciplines. 40 million represents my companies combined asset and cash holdings, it is not a gross figure, costs have been subtracted. I calculate that this process will take the guts of 5 years, but due to the insane levels of scale online, it may be much sooner.

My skills for this process are three years of experience of this industry, solid connections and partners, and reasonably good webdev/programming skills. I will be funding this project with previous earnings. I will also be bringing along my favorite three JV partners for the ride. THERE ARE NO MORE SPOTS, if i need a JV we already talk and I know you.

I only believe and dream big, and failures along the way are the most useful data I could ever buy.

Conceive, Plan, Develop, Test, Launch, Measure, (Optimize, Measure, Scale) Repeat.
Like a fucking a boss. Goodluck on your journey!
No CL traffic at all, that's probably the most caustic source of traffic when it comes to advertisers and legality. Remember, this is going to be whitehat, which is hard on CL.
Good luck! I'm not into SEO either same views as yourself too slow lol I hope to hit 100k soon myself not as big as your goal.

edit: NVM re-read your post
Although you didn't go too much in details (which sucks) I respect the vision you carry for your project. People might think you're crazy for dreaming of such high figures in that amount of time, but only you know what you're capable of achieving. Good thread, motivates me.
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