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    This is directed towards other Youtube view resellers.

    I am a reseller of Youtube Views and I am wondering what other resellers have been doing since the massive Youtube video deletion back in December. I use Jumpstart to process view orders still but it is extremely slow and the interface is not great seeing that you can only safely allocate 5,000 views (10,000 credits) at a time, otherwise the videos have the risk of being taken down by Youtube.

    What other view increasing websites that are faster than 300ish views per day as well as easier to allocate views do you all use? Are they safe views that won't jeopardize the videos being taken down off Youtube?
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    If you are having issues with videos being taken down for adding more than 5,000 views, your provider is doing something wrong. I provide safe, quality, fast views. You can click my banner below if you're interested.