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    Since I've learned a lot from lurking on BHW in the past year or so, maybe I should give something back to say thanks. This is a really simple deally, but it's made some decent change for me so far, and it might help a poor n00b make a little start-up capital for upscaling (and doing bigger things) as it did for me.

    To start::.
    What we're going to be doing is:
    0.Register a domain (and hosting if needed).
    1.Rip videos in a certain niche
    2.Watermark them
    3.Crop them (and keep the original)
    4.Upload them to multiple sites

    So you see, this has been done before, but we're going to combine some different ideas to get some gears turning in your brain.

    Let me elaborate. Sign up for an affiliate account at (, and browse around to find what niche you want to promote. We'll rip some short length (3-5 minutes) porn videos from somewhere (say, hxxp:// Then we'll watermark them with the domain you have, and for the sake of realism, use some sort of flashy, blingy text. Then we'll make a cropped version, the cropped version doesn't have any nudity or any *really* explicit content, this is the one we'll be putting on YouTube.

    Plenty of you already have domains and hosting, but the targetted demographic for this method possibly doesn't. All you need for this is something really light. I recommend Made2Own (, personally, but HostGator is also good, and they're both around the same price. Grab a good, keyword friendly domain, and hosting if you don't aready have it, and you're all set. Of course, you still have to put this to use, which is really simple.
    -Set up a text link from the marketing tools section of NiceRatios
    -Open your text editor of choice
    -Paste this
    <?php header('Location: [color=red][b][/b][/color]');?>
    -Save as index.php
    Of course, replace the bold red part with the text link. Now when they go to, they'll be redirected to whatever page you chose on NiceRatios. This also works with the galleries, RSS feeds, videos, and so forth.

    Rip/Watermark Videos::.
    Grab and the add-on. Go to a site of your choice, I used RedTube, find a video that suits your chosen niche well, and use DownloadHelper to download it. It'll be in FLV format, which is fine for YouTube, and most others. Now use a video editing app to watermark your video. I used Sony Vegas, which you can grab off any decent torrent engine. To avoid making this excessively long,

    Now we'll make a short, somewhat-SFW video. This is dependant on the video you picked, so I can't be specific on what to do here. Basically, crop out the SFW part of the video at the beginning with Sony Vegas and upload it to YouTube. Use good keywords, but to keep your video up longer, don't be too typical.

    Upload the longer video to any site you can think of, most include a field where you can include a link to the paysite, put your link there. Upload the shorter video to YouTube, or any other video site you want that may be less saturated.

    Don't do this once and expect millions of dollars. Don't give up. After you've made one sale, you've gotten an ROI on your domain/hosting costs. Let me know if you have questions, I'll do my best to help you out. Best of luck to you.