Youtube SEO question.

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by labshare, Feb 21, 2016.

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    Hi BHW members.

    I have some questions about Youtube to rank videos.

    I made a keyword research about a specific software (bug, slow, virus,...).
    There are some vids on Youtube, but i don't see many keywords on the description.

    Also when i google these keywords, no videos are on the first page (1 or 2 kw have vids on the first page but on 5th or 6th position).

    So, if i optimize the description with the keywords, is it possible to rank on google 1st page).

    I put a screenshot of the kw research.

    There are not many searches, but i can find other keywords.
    But what will be the best?
    Monetize the video or promote a clickbank product with a direct link to the product (with shortner).

    Because sometime i see youtube video on 1 rank on google after a search.
    How do they go her? Backlink or other?

    Thanks for your answers.
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    First you have to check all those keywords and see your competitors. Check and see if any youtube videos are there and check all their meta data. If they have it enabled, check their view statistics.

    Now you need to check the keywords in youtube search and check like the top 5 videos. So their view statistics, subs, title description etc.

    Once you have your meta data I would leave the video to gain some views from youtube search. You probably won't even need backlinks to rank on google. Just time, I guess.

    I have not had any success with backlinks + youtube so I don't really know. But with that search volume and depending on how many other youtube videos have ranked on google, it should be easy with that low search volume.

    The videos I have had rank on google just happen naturally by just letting your video naturally gain attraction.
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    to rank in youtube you need mainly views and some other factors
    to rank in google you need mainly backlinks and some other factors