youtube + ppc + ppd , need some help

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    Nov 14, 2013
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    Hello guys , its luckyhunter .

    A quick introduction : I am 16 years old , I am looking into im it has much pot , my target is to reach 20$+ a day , am doing this because i want to make a

    living out of it .

    ok lets start , now here is the plan , create quality youtube videos which are about downloading something which i cant tell here , but the link in the description ,

    shrink the link , so then it will lead them to cleanfiles which my files are gonna be hosted on . and finally use social exchange sites and apps to lead to views to

    my videos ( to rank the vid ) . thats it .

    if you could help me with 1 small thingy , could you help me with getting accepted into these to ppd networks , which are cleanfiles and sharecash , the

    reason is because I don't have a site yet :(

    thanks for reading and peace out .