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    Hi all? Currently I have setup a Clickbank site and want to drive traffic to the site using Youtube. As I cannot find any outline for Youtube marketing yet, I decided to open a thread that act just like a syllabus.

    I will also point out related thread here so that we (noobs) can benefits from all the thread here in BHW without losing focus. At the same time, I hope expert can help us as well

    So in general, I think it's best to separate Youtube marketing into several section.

    1.Youtube game plan
    2.Youtube account creation
    3.Video creation
    4.Uploading videos (without getting caught)
    5.Ranking videos

    (1) Youtube game plan

    Why Youtube? That maybe one question that newbie will ask..

    First, Youtube has lot of audience where they use YT as search engine.. Ranking a video in Youtube is lot easier compared to ranking a site after penguin.

    Second, there are high chance for the video that you upload to be promoted on Google search. So you will get traffic from Google as well.

    So which one I'm going to focus? Since I'm still a noob, it's best for me to rank only in Youtube.

    My strategy to choose good keyword is by using the listing suggestion. When you put keywords in YT search box, you will notice the drop down suggestion.. So I will choose those longtail keywords and analyze the competition on 1st page.

    If the competition on the 1st page don't optimize their title for the long tail keywords, I will make a video related to the keyword.

    But why longtail? Why not just focus on short tail which probably has more searches per month?

    Actually I notice ranking a longtail it's lot easier compared to short tail..

    If I target a keyword that has huge searches.. Maybe I need to spend lot of money for SEO.

    Since I am broke.. I decided to create around 30 videos in one niche.

    I only target 1 sale per month for each vid... That make 30 sale per month.

    But I am not sure whether my strategy will work or not... but we will see.

    Before I continue, I want to make clear that I never make any sale from Youtube yet.. probably because I choose the wrong niche.. I tried to sell game. It got thousands view but no sale even though I'm focusing on buying keywords.

    So I want to move on to other niche and this time I decide to use Clickbank. I think Clickbank is friendly for noobs since most of the products have good salesletter. Even if my video isn't convincing enough, I bet a Clickbank product that has good salesletter can lead to sale as well.

    So how to know whether a product has good salesletter or not? I am not sure.. but I've read somewhere that advice to promote high gravity Clickbank product. Maybe that's the key.

    I've choose an evergreen niche and create 15 videos for the niche. I am not sure whether it's okay or not to put all of the video in one account, but I think it's better to separate the risks (in case YT decided to ban your account)

    (2) Youtube account creation

    Since we are going to have multiple YT accounts.. I think it's best to have Last Pass install on your browser. Last Pass is a password manager and will be really helpful to help you login easily.

    If you know how to setup Last Pass, you can register Google account easily using the automatic fill registration form. So Last Pass is very important for someone lazy like me.

    Currently I have register around 10 YT accounts using the same PC without clearing cookies... so far no problem. But I think anymore than that is not a good idea.

    According to what I had read in a thread here, the OP bought 50 YT account from Fiverr. He then use proxies and clear cookies to hide their trace when uploading the vids.

    Anyway.. if you need a safe method to register YT account, check here --> Search: How not to get your Youtube account banned

    For noobs.. I think we don't need to worry about that yet. I believe Google don't mind if one person have around 10 channels. There are lots of webmaster/consultant out there that has lot of YT accounts because they need to manage it for their clients. I think Google understand this as well.

    (3)Youtube video creation

    For SEO purpose.. I still not sure how long a vid should be, but currently most of the video that I create is around 40 seconds to 1 minute. If you know the best time length.. do share with us (noobs)

    To create the video, you can:

    (a)Hire in Fiverr for product review or testimonial

    according to what I heard, I believe this is the best for conversion

    (b)Power Point Slide

    -> You can create slideshow using power point, print screen and crop them. Then combine it using free video editor
    -> Or you can convert the PPT to video using related software (paid software.. I found none freeware.. do tell me if you know any freeware)

    The same powerpoint can then be distribute to Slideshare and other document sharing sites which contain linkback to the Youtube video you created (for SEO purpose).

    Before you create any Power Point presentation, please take note that Youtube standard view is 16:9. So make sure you change the page setting accordingly before crafting any slide.

    (c)Whitehat (Youtube creative common vid)

    When you upload video to YT, you can choose the video license. Creative Common (CC) means the video can be used for free. You can find CC video in YT by using filtering function in advanced search. If you are lazy, you can share the video directly in your channel.

    For new account.. I think it's best to put some video first before putting promotional video.

    If you are not lazy.. you can download multiple CC videos.. and use video editor to split and combine them.

    (d)Blackhat (Use license vid)

    I have try uploading videos using licensed vid I downloaded. This is what I did:

    -> I download a long length video, split them, and switch their position
    -> I combine multiple video into one
    -> I upload the exact same video (but I change color and zoom in/out the video)

    My main motive is so that YT won't detect my vid as the same vid with the real one (if Google hate duplicate content.. YT will hate them as well right?)

    I tried 3 of them and none of the vids have been removed yet.. (yet.. who knows what'll happen later)

    (4)Uploading videos

    If you need to upload your video without any trace, check here --> Search: How not to get your Youtube account banned

    (5)Ranking videos

    Check this guide--> Search: How to rank Youtube video Jan 2013

    * Sorry guys.. I cannot put link yet.. :(

    THAT'S ALL FOR NOW... currently I'm uploading some videos related to clickbank niche according to my game plan above. I will update this thread later (when I found any worthy thread to be mentioned here).

    * Anyway I have one question.. for conversion purpose.. should I put music in video slideshow?
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