Youtube - howto win this game?

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    I was looking around on BHW to find any info about getting YT videos on top of the search page and more important - go get it into Google SERP.

    I've seen some article about SEO for video (sorry, I don't remember the URL). According to author of this article, video will perform much better if it's placed on the website it self, instead of YT. Sounds little weird as i think Google will promote their own stuff first, so obvious choice is YT and Google Videos.
    Do you guys have any experience with this?

    About getting ranked in YT... Get as many views as possible and you're the king ;] Is it really that simple? If it is, then why videos with thousands of views are lower then some videos with just a few?
    Or maybe keyword density in video title, description and comments? Amount of favorites or rating? It looks that non of those things really stands out. Is it only my feeling that things are pretty random there?

    Anyone used viewing/commenting services and can share results?
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    well i had a vid on youtube that i posted as a video response to a vid in the same niche (i was noob and into SFI mrkting) so i posted as a vid response to that vid and also commented several times using different accounts like
    "This ones better man just check it out"_______________" (link of my vid)

    And i got 350 views and 5 people joined under me...(SFI) but i dumped SFI after i found out there was more potential in the net then i actually thought...

    Now i found that my tags were also infuencing this:

    i found that these kinda tags do better than regular ones!!:rolleyes:
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