Youtube Deleting all the videos


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Jun 29, 2010
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I had almost 3.5k videos on youtube for 2 sites. Now both are deleted on the same day for both the sites and only for mine. so what might be the reason for that?
violation of tos by any chance? i would re-read them first.. they keep changing their tos all the time..
you need to read the terms of service so that your videos wont get deleted, you may try to email them.
but it was not done on the same day and neither from one account.

i was doing the same from 1 month.
You got the link of your site in description of videos I guess so they banned all videos that had the same link.
you need to use more accounts. you cant have 3500 videos inbetween 2 accounts lol. that is obviously shady/spammy looking.

you need to upload 5-6 videos per account.
use different IPs to create new accounts.
3500 videos on YT linking to 2 sites. :eek:

Red flag raised. Accounts deleted. :disappoin

Only if acts as a consolation, I lost 500 videos that were all pointing to one site from one account last year :smash:
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i also got over 1,000 adult videos deleted in the last week (120 different accounts). I believe that youtube find a way to identified the adults spamming accounts
funny i just thought about the same issue while i am uploading tons of videos on youtube when i came to BHW and saw this thread:p , were they sexy videos? did you have your website link on all of them? i suggest to use an url shortener not your real sites link maybe less people would click it but at least you wont get banned and uoload them through different accounts with a variation of url shortener terms.
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