Youtube Deleted my Vids ! Sucks

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by sqhunter, May 18, 2010.

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    Again! I had one vid pulled off few month ago but the account stayed, now they killed 3-4 vids or so and the account aswell.

    total BS! One was a report of a lab test of some pharma product that i took of msn and put a website as subtitle and the url in the desc. So what? Is that offensive? How can diet pills get listed without having them pulled? Some others have "BUY XXXX from www.XXXX directly in their title" - blatant sales vid.. and goint along with 3000+ views :pcguru:

    I ever tried to UL a banned vid back on another account and they blocked it right after UL, so should I crop it in the end a bit, i need these vids back up.. what to avoid to keep them up?

    also will it be enough to run ccleaner, reconnect internet and open up a new account to shrug them off my tail ?? Was using tubemogul to upload these..
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    Cropping it will work. Also compressing it differently, say using H264 or Sorrenson 3, or something different form your original. You could also swap out the audio before you upload.
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