Youtube+CPA+scared. Please help

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by Slim Picky, Jul 19, 2013.

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    Hi guys

    I've been reading copiously since I joined but want to take action on a youtube method but don't feel like I know enough to prevent me getting an instant ban from either YT or a CPA network.

    I have a youtube account and looking through some old stuff on my PC realised last night that I have a CPA account from a network I joined a few years ago when I first started looking into IM. But back then I got a good offline job and this stuff fell by the wayside. Now things have changed and I'm back to have a proper go at it.

    Could someone please answer my issues so I know I'm on the right track:

    I want to content lock offers with surveys etc
    I've been looking at the offers on the CPA network I'm already with but it doesn't look like they have a CL of their own. I'm not tech savvy enough to use one of the free ones so looked at AWM and cleanfiles and fileice. Will I need a site to apply for these networks, since I don't have one yet?
    Or can I apply with another whitehat story i.e. I will do x, y or z to send traffic?

    I've been reading up on fake referrers. Could I use such a script to direct link from my YT vid link to a cleanfiles file etc? Is that even possible? Would I need a domain+hosting to do that. Could I create a blogger blog with whitehat stuff on it to use as a fake referrer? Would this then prevent a CPA network figuring out that the vid on YT is b/hat?

    This stuff has a weird way of making you feel stupid. I may be overthinking it but I'd rather not get a ban from this network for a noob error that I could have avoided.

    I feel like I'm spinning my wheels and just want to take ACTION and see if I can make some bank!

    Thanks for all your input

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    Try to use search function from left sidebar.. you will find a lot of useful informations :D
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    Sending traffic from your YouTube videos to a CPA network will not make your CPA network piss off.
    In fact you don't need any blackhat method if your YT video is popular :)
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    Just ask your affiliate manager if they except YouTube traffic first, because advertisers don't