Youtube Competition - Win An 8GB iPod Nano

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    Hello Everyone, How Are You Today?

    I Would Like To Tell You About TheiPodReborn's FIrst Official Youtube Competition - Win An 8GB iPod Nano
    Youtube Channel:

    As I mentioned In The Video:
    - The Name Of The Referrals Website Is KudosNetwork.
    - Through Referring People To This Site, You Can Get Many Prizes, GUARANTEED! - Just Check The Testimonials!
    Keep In Mind Now I'm Not A Rep, I've Just Done Extensive Research Into This Website And Know I Know For Sure
    Its Legit :) Check A List Of Prizes Here -
    - As You Can See, There's A Range Of Prizes! From iPod's To iPads, iPhones, Cameras, Tvs, Phones, Consoles and iMacs!
    - For This Competition I'm Gonna Start Us Off At The 8GB iPod Nano - It Only Needs 7 Referrals.
    - I Added The Sites(KudosNetwork) Official Banner To A HTML Page I Created Here - (Thats A Domain
    Given To Students At My University - jt11 Being Joey Tawadrous 2011).
    - This Banner Will Show You How Many Offers Are Pending, How Many Offers Are Competed And How Many Referrals We Are
    Away From Our Goal. You May Check This Banner Whenever You Wish.
    - If This Competition Is Successful, I will Make Many More On A Regular Basis, Where The Same Rules Will Apply But This Time
    You Guys May Choose A Prize To Aim For!
    - Goodluck! :)
    - Also If You Want Better Prizes And In A Quicker Fashion, Please Post This Video Around! ;)

    Steps To Enter:
    1. Subscribe To This Youtube Channel.
    2. Register Under TheiPodReborn's Referral Link -
    3. Complete An Offer - 8 Available, 2 Of Which Are Completely Free
    4. Once You Have Completd An Offer, Please Post The Email You Registered With(To KudosNetwork) In A Comment Below This Video.
    5. Your Offer Will Say Pending(The Offer Can Take Up To 7 Days To Go Through The System) On The Referrals Page
    And I Will Add Your YouTube UserName To The List Of Entrants, Which Will Be Displayed On This Video's Info. I will Update The
    List Daily.

    Steps The Competition Will Take:
    1. Once We Have Reached Our Goal Of Referrals For The Intended Prize, I Will List All The Entrants Names On This Web Program(I
    Simply Typed "online random name picker from list" Into Google To Find It) -
    This Program Will Then Pick A Random Name From The List OF Entrants And I Will Post A Screen Capture Of Before(When I Imput The
    Full List Of Entrants) And After(When The Winner Name Was Picked) On A New Video(Read Next Step), So That You Guys Can See It Was
    Completely Random.
    2. I Will Announce The Winner In A New Video, And Put A Link To The New Video In This Videos Description.
    3. I Will Then Send The Prize To The Address Specified By The Winner(I WIll Contact He/She By Private Mail).

    Rules / Please Note:
    1. If Your Offer Is Pending But Is Declined After A Few Days I Will Remove Your Name From The Entrants List.
    It Is Your Job To Make Sure That Your Offer Is Completed.
    2. If You Are Not Subscribed To This Channel You Will Be Disqualified.
    3. I Will Not Be A Part Of This Competition - I Cannot Win.
    4. Everytime A Person Sign's Up Under The Referral Link I Provided, Completes An Offer(And Waits A Couple Of Days For
    The Offer To Go Through) We Will Have One More Credit Towards Receiving Our Prize.

    Whats In It For Me?:
    1. A Happier, More Loyal And Growing Subscriber Base, Need I Say More?
    2. Once Again: I Will Not Be Competing In The Competition.

    If You Guys Would Like To Suggest A Better Way Of Picking The Winner, Would Like To Ask A Question Or Suggest Anything At All Related To
    Competition, PLEASE POST BELOW :)