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Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by Riseing, Jun 25, 2013.

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    So I recently got into YouTube and found out that if you constantly upvote comments you could get a decent amount of traffic.

    So I started looking for a way to automate comment voting.

    What I found was downright sad, almost none of the programs in this forum work worth 2 shits.

    So I've made my own, it took about 3 hours to get a bare framework to upvote comments.

    The bot is written in Ruby and uses a real browser to upvote. I have no clue if it will help with bans but w/e at least I don't have to upvote by hand anymore.
    Now the bot is kinda buggy and is untested when it comes to heavy work so I'm currently doing solo runs with it to work out kinks.

    So here's the JV

    You have a proven method/niche and I have the bot.
    Between us we work out the details such as proxies and accounts.

    I expect to see proof of your earnings and in return I'll show you that my program works.

    If we can manage to make some money I'll bring in my friend who is a much better programmer then I am to implement multithreading and auto commenting.

    Pm or Post, just let me know.
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