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    I need a youtube bot to send messages to youtube users. I used Tubetoolbox for a while, but their account limitation to only four ghost users allows to send a very limited amount of messages (40-60 per day, and only half of them hits the inbox in the first day of sending, then they are flagged as spam) - since youtube automatically flags them as spam if they are being sent from the same accounts, even if they are spintaxed. So I need a bot that would be able to scrape users that have posted a keyword searchable content and then sending them messages using a large number of accounts - 50-100 using around 25 proxies. in the past I was able to send around 1000 messages per day using 16 accounts with 4 proxies). Could you please recommend me a similar bot ?
    Or, do you think there is any G+ bot that could serve for this purpose ?

    Thanks in advance for your time!