youtube - are they consistent or not?

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    Is it just me or does YT actually ban people for things in the Hateful or abusive content flag options and let others get away with it?
    Same as all the flag options, specially the sexual content ones.

    For example, a while back, out of fun, I posted a video where I was mocking this group of twitter trolls whose soul purpose in life is to stalk out other twitter ppl and harass them.

    My vid was actually pretty good and tons of people subbed me, added me on twitter and such.

    But a few days later, it was taken down by YT, claiming it was mean-full towards others or something/something.
    I didn't actually call them names, it wasn't no where near as bad as all the hundreds of thousands of other hateful vids on there that are viral as hell.

    Prime example is with rebecca black, people have posted some very fked up vids about her, yet they all remain.

    I read her parents even tried to sue YT into taking down the one where the dude does the parody where is dresses like her and changes the words to fit with her being a whore and a pedo trying to lure her into his car.
    I don't get it, even under being sued they kept the vid up yet take down mine that is no where near as bad.
    Plus that "cup of team guy" really goes off on people, making my vid look like child's play.

    I notice a huge empty niche "poking fun at class of people" not being done on YT, a few do it, and they have 250,000- over a million hits, some even more than that.
    But over all, its a very low competition niche and as far as I know, no one has taken it to the extremes I wish to.

    Last night, I created a 2 min test vid, took YT a few hours to approve it, but they did, and its getting hits already.

    but yah, any advice or is YT just a bunch of fk nuts, or am I not seeing the "loop hole" to stay w/n their idea of being totally douche and still not breaking their "rules"?

    Sorry for such a long thread, prob could have summed it up in 3 lines of text, lol

    Thanks in advanced