Youtube + Adsense + copyrighted Material is dead !

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by blackcat666, Dec 15, 2015.

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    Feb 10, 2015
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    Hi just some info or heads up..

    i did try after getting my old Adsense account banned some months ago agian... I had problems to rank my videos and everything much worse then it was 1 year ago.. Normally got like 100k views on my videos now i got like 100 in 1 week some of them did make 5000 views but got deleted due copyright problems. I did everything too stay clean ,, buyed Youtube accounts from a good seller. Change my Ip everytime i logged in and also uploaded only 1 Video per Channel , so if got a flag or copyright strike my Channel wouldn't lose Monetization like you do with the new rules Youtube made 1 year ago. But it seems that didnt help much after 50 Youtube channels made in 1,5 months ( 1 or 2 every day ) my Adsense account is dead already i didn't even get the Pin for verifying my address ( its still on the way ) . I also still see people uploading the same content and even some of them getting good views ( but far less then 1 year go ) But its pretty much over. New rules are if you get copyright strikes ( and i mean more then 1 of course ) even on different channels they seem all to factor on your main Adsense and after 5 -6 strikes ( flags,copyright etc ) your are done.. every Youtube channel link the Adsense account to will be Terminated for spam in 1 - 6 hours Tops. Btw same goes for MCMs NETWORKs so if you planing to switching to a youtube network you will have the same problem . So its pretty much game over for me because i don't know how to beat it . You cant beat copyright or false flagging on Youtube. And i bet even people the Legit content but different youtube channels will have the same problem pretty soon because Most people don't have just 1 gaming channel they always trying different things.

    if anyone here does copyrighted martial on youtube like TVshows,Cartoons good luck too you.
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    if you ever read anything about "Google botguard" you will see that it is very difficult to keep Google from tying multiple YouTube accounts together. You have to be very very careful and really know what you are doing.