Youtube account making.


Dec 21, 2009
I am not exactly familiar with proxies and such, and I was wondering how most you are making accounts and how fast you're making them. I need to make 200 accounts fast. And I recently got banned from making any more of them. I tried connecting with another IP. This worked, but this just gave me another annoying verification screen which allows me to give up my telephone number. this only works up to 3 times though, and then it blocks that number.

Any help would be appreciated.
Even though there is no automated accounts available "Apparently" and since the market of those accounts have gone so cheap i think you can find them for $7/100 Accounts on this forum so if i was you i would out source this work.
Certain countries have no phone verification requirements and it is therefore very simple for people in these countries to crank out many accounts. Your best bet is to buy them.
If you can find a IP from a foreign country, and connect to that, you can crank out as many as you want just like the others.
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