Youtube Account Creator

none of them are working these days .. as YT changes algo every otehr day ...
Everything changes so quickly! Also to the kid above me, nice job on doing an unnecessary bump, do you not know how to PM?

Though i feel like account creators are a tad overrated.
I know who can supply PVA (hotmail based) accounts - pretty sure it's $0.10 each and an extra $2 to any bundle if you want avatars on them. Shoot me a PM if needed.
I have a working youtube account creator bot that i just made this morning.

In its current state it can..
1- Sign up for a google account
2- Phone verify (fully automated, my own private method)
3- sign up to gmail and youtube
4- upload a profile picture to youtube
5- search for some things on youtube (to make the account look legit/human like)
6- save the gmail account details to one .txt - Format -> [email protected]:GmailPassword
7- save youtube account details in another .txt - Format - > ytusername:ytpassword
8- makes, uses, and saves a hotmail acct for email verify. Format -> [email protected]:password

So far its in beta but here in a couple hours it should be fully functional! :D

Thats funny, I remember you telling me you created it 3-4 weeks back on skype. You then said the price was 6K For a ZennoPoster TEMPLATE
The speed is like an account every 30 minutes its very fast. Its not even fully auto either it does use pinger text free so you have to create accounts on that website by hand then the rest is automated.
This how it was when he was trying to sell it to me, now I see you in every thread with youtube account creator in the name.
There is a new bot out there that called infinity YouTube accounts creator. Doe's anybody tried it?
iam selling accounts 200Acc 15 $ not PVA!

If anyone Interesting to Buy a Bot you can Pm me Too ;)

Best Greetz
Lucky me I just created a ZennoPoster working template which can create a lot of youtube accounts automatically and save them to a .txt file.If anyone interested feel free to contact me
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