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YouTube Account Ban Question

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by ForceFed54, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. ForceFed54

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    Mar 14, 2012
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    Boston, Ma
    Simple question, lets say I have 3 accounts, one is a legitimate account and is used 100% whitehat. The other 2 accounts are 100% blackhat, if youtube bans the blackhat accounts, what are the chances they will ban the whitehat account as well jsut due to seeing the same ip logging into that account.

    Reason I ask is I have a client whose youtube account I manage, I also do my own work on my blackhat accounts. I cant risk ever having my clients account banned and I do use a vpn and try and clear my data to stay anon but mistakes happen and I'm sure I have signed into all 3 accounts using the same ip at one time or another.

    I am thinking that youtube would have to consider the content on the channel before banning it because lets say I work in an office and login to my legit YT account but 10 other people login to theirs as well on the same ip. If one were doing blackhat YT marketing, they cant just ban every account.

    I come from the Ebay/Paypal world so I know some companies will link accounts based on IP and ban eveything associated to it. Not sure if youtube works in a similar fashion.

    Just looking for any input, hope I made sense.