Your Thoughts On Organic Traffic?

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    Hey everyone,

    I have been working on a website for about 6 months now. I have product an ebook/video course of good quality (getting great reviews) but its a slow burner. Making a couple of hundred a month in sales. Not bad for a first time attempt at internet marketing, but I have big plans!

    I have mostly been using PPC, with no real clever tricks or strategies, I know my niche well so know people's interests and sites etc so combining that with facebook ads to a sales page been getting a few sales. But to be honest the conversion rate is pretty bad and i'm probably only just breaking even after advertising costs.

    Everyone that has bought has wanted to email me first, get to know about me.. am I legit etc.. perfectly natural concerns, but something I think I should be addressing.

    Someone said to me I am mad not to go the blogging route seeing as I have a lot to say about my topic I should use a blog as my way of gaining peoples trust so they can trust the product I am selling and increase my conversions. It makes perfect sense in theory and am starting to write some articles and redesign the site away from a sales page format.

    But i've read a lot on forums about SEO is dead..... Free traffic doesn't convert..... Google just change the rules all the time.

    None of these things so too great or make for a sustainable business. But I am totally new to seo (literally know nothing), all my research has been in PPC. So do you think it is worth going the blog route?

    I might just add this isn't some micro-niche site where I'm looking to produce tens of little niche sites it is in a pretty competitive niche with big demand.

    Looking forward to any insights. Thanks