"Your Sitemap exceeds the maximum file size limit."


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Sep 18, 2009
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Hey everyone,

just got a little question. Yesterday, Google failed to download my sitemap, and gave the following error:

"Your Sitemap exceeds the maximum file size limit. Please create multiple Sitemaps containing fewer URLs to meet the file size limit.".

I use Wordpress for my Website, and I have the Plugin: "XML Sitemap Generator for WordPress".

so I was wondering, how do I go about fixing/reducing the file size so Google can continue to download my sitemap?

I'd posted this on another webmaster forum, and the only response I got was:

1. make your sitemap only have the urls of your site (no dates, priorities, etc)
2. split your links into multiple sitemaps.

How do I make multiple sitemaps? using XML Sitemap Generator? Or is there a better plugin for Wordpress? and should I?

Limit your sitemap size to around 20 MB.
Is that possible with XML Sitemap Generator? Or do I need to swap to another program/plugin?
Google XML Sitemaps doesn't allow size limitations.
I'm not sure if this will help, but maybe try removing some of the less necessary, potentially repetitive content from the sitemap with the plugin. You don't necessarily need to have category, tag, or search pages listed in the sitemap if you do. Also, how many posts does your blog have that you've somehow exceeded their limit? I've done sitemaps for massive e-commerce sites without any issues with size from Google.

the website is animepalm. It's a media website, thus has quite a few posts and pages.
Thanks for all the help thus far, though!
We have a problem with our XML sitemap which I can't seem to resolve, google webmaster tools is saying:

Your Sitemap exceeds the maximum file size limit. Please create multiple Sitemaps containing fewer URLs to meet the file size limit. I've read in the questions/FAQ section for XML sitemaps, that the max limit is 50,000 URLs and 10MB when the sitemap is unzipped, all our sitemaps meet this requirement.

Can any buddy plz tell me how can i solve this.
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