Your site could be blocked next!

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    My Brothers & Sisters of BHW.

    This involves YOU!

    How can you be sure that your cause is righteous? One sure-fire way: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce lashes out against you.

    We're proud to say that the Chamber of Commerce and its Global Intellectual Property Center just launched an attack against Demand Progress!

    In a remarkably glib posting, the Chamber writes:

    First up is Demand Progress. Before they even saw the House bill, they started calling it the ?New Internet Blacklist Bill.? Blacklist? That sounds pretty bad. But before we get carried away, let?s take a look at the actual language of the actual legislation. Can YOU find a blacklist? No? Can you find a list of ANY kind? No?

    We've got to give them credit: In their wisdom the authors of the Internet Blacklist Bill refrained from inserting the terms 'Blacklist,' 'censorship,' or 'Great Firewall Of China' into the text of their legislation.

    But that's why Demand Progress exists: To illuminate the corporatists' propensity for censorship, doublespeak, and plain old BS.

    As EFF notes:

    As drafted, the legislation would grant the government and private parties unprecedented power to interfere with the Internet's domain name system (DNS). The government would be able to force ISPs and search engines to redirect or dump users' attempts to reach certain websites' URLs

    Or, in other words, these sites would be BLACKLISTED. And the bill goes even further -- undermining other sites' abilities to continue to operate by choking off their access to financial resources.

    Please consider donating 5, 10, or 20 bucks so we can keep calling out the corporate interests that are trying to censor your Websites.