(Your Opinion) On GSA Template How To Use It

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by sassdrake, Nov 10, 2014.

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    Hello guys
    I have some questions regarding GSA and template and how to use it correctly.
    What i want to achieve is to build tier2 links to my tier1 links(i have about 40 tier1links) i want to try this...i'm not expert in SEO or in GSA so i would appreciate all the help i can get from you.
    Can you tell me what will work best for GSA and how to modify template to work good, so far i tried with different parameters and vpm and lpm are always low for me, and i can barely get 200-300 verified links per day(maybe about 8-10 h of consistent backlinking) .
    I have some verified lists from Fiverr and bhw and other places, but i don't know why it is going so slow.
    Also i want to ask you if i check the option to use verified and submitted list on project, what should i place on keyword tab there? because i want to post on all those verified lists no matter what those websites are about?
    Also i want to ask you is how many proxies i need for this, and how many threads, and which is best captcha service for this to maximize even more backlinks, because this is tier2 i want 50-60% quality backlinks no need for perfection here, but i want to have at least 1.000 backlinks for 8-10h of gsa running on my pc per one project if that is possible?