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Oct 12, 2017
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Hey guys,

Has anyone found/is using a reliable site for downloading ebooks of all kinds with a big directory?

Also, if anyone knows a good one for downloading online courses - not just IM related - which doesn't involve bandwidth/payment blocks that would be cool.

Thanks and hope you grab quarantine by the balls because this shit can either break you or make you stronger/wealthier. :cool:
Loved until it was taken down in January.
Searching for a replacement
Wow, I'm referring back to these sites, half of these are already dead
im saddened too. some of those were really unique and good. had some of products you wouldn't find elsewhere. you can always check google cache / waybackmachine of those sites.

they never last too long. dmca-proof hosting may keep u alive for a while. but a vengeful user can report you to the file sharing service you're using to earn commissions from and get you kicked off. akin to getting kicked off your affiliate network.

once you find one, you can enter one of the products names they're sharing in google with quotes ex: "awesome program 2020" and it will show you dozens of competitors. usually they clone it under their own file hosting links for the ref commissions.
Bro just google blackhat forums. Theres a ton of them that are pretty dead but ebooks are being shared all day every day.

I mean... I havent looked in a while, so maybe theyre all gone by now, but a few years back i downloaded a bajillion ebooks and things from those forums.

Most will require you to register and reply to the thread in order to be able to download. Easy peesy :D
Is there a source you can recommend for audiobooks?
All the good sites got taken down. I'm on a few torrent sites but I'd use them to avoid taking a hit to my ratio. Eff'd up.
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