Your favorite affiliate/CPA networks?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Kyle787, Jun 24, 2011.

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    I'm having issues.. I was making a solid $1,000 a month from a combination of affiliate and CPA offers until things started to fall apart. Well my product niche from CJ got too much competition and every new offer I try with them I am either getting shaved on or they are flat out paying me.

    With NeverBlue, the CPA I am currently on utilizing, their email/zip offers are not converting... None that I try. I always have 2-3 friends submit a secondary email so I can track the conversions but I am lucky to get one to show up. I even blew $100 with an offline strategy which was supposed to real in a portion of about 15,000 people but I didn't get a single one to show up.

    So as I get ready to test new waters, does anyone have a network that they stand by? And what kinds of offers do you use if you don't mind me asking?
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    You make a very good point, and it doesn't surprise me that this thread didn't get any replies... From what I've seen of browsing this forum, posts like these always get ignored for some reason, even though the reliability of CPA networks is a very important issue. Usually the hardest thing to figure out when coming up with a new project/method is "what CPA offers should I use and with what network?", and there seems to be a lot of hush-hush regarding this question. It's almost like the good CPA networks are a hidden blackhat secret that they hide from us in order to keep out the competition.
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    Just use your own platform and go directly to the advertiser, its not as hard as you think.