Your fav methods in finding Products to promote

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    Hey Guys,

    I've been doing many hours of research into this and even bought two courses the other day... I'm still no closer to having found a single product to promote. I've been told to go to clickbank, markethealth and a couple others, search for any products I find interesting. Take that name over to GKT or Long Tail Pro (which I have) - see how it ranks in the top 10 of Google. This is where I'm lost... I've heard to mainly look at PageRank and Links for the top 10. Is there a certain number of top10 with 0 or no PR which you go by, in order to tell if you have a good chance ranking that keyword? (ie. 6 out of 10 sites have no PR with low number of backlinks (<20)?) I also see that it's better in your favor if the majority of the top10 results do not have the keyword in the root of the domain, is that right? (ie. vs Other than the factors I mentioned of PR, Links, keyword in root domain & title, what do you look for?

    Does the number of local or global "exact" searches really play a factor for affiliate sites? I find that many of the products which I find on networks like markethealth, cb etc.. do not have many ppl searching for them (less than 1000 per month). If the searches do play a role, what numbers do you look for? (ie. 1000 - 4000 per month = good chance of ranking with some traffic but not too many searches which would mean a high competition? Or some other number range.)

    Thanks for any help here guys! I find this interesting but it's just difficult wrapping my head around the topics I've mentioned.. i'm sure it will be easier after I find my first product or two. :)