Your biggest problems right now?


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Jan 20, 2016
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I'll start.
1: Can't connect with anybody on the deeper level. I run away from relationships and then cry that im lonely.

2: I prolly gonna drop out of University, my income equals to zero.

3: I gained 10 kg, because of Chrismas.

:D ... Now you, don't leave me in this alone.
My internet is acting weird. It won't let me connect to fiverr, or reddit and most other sites, and I don't know why.
The steak I cooked was too fat so the middle was not perfectly medium rare.
Sounds like you need a good dose of Jordan Peterson. Search on Youtube for "Bite sized philosophy", then watch whatever vid u resonate with. You will not regret it.

P.S its not my channel etc
It's all about metabolism.

My family have always called me "Hollow Legs" as I eat so much and used to be so skinny. You just gotta eat much more than you already do.

I banged gym, ate lots more and drunk weight gain shakes religiously for 3 months. This led to me gaining 3.5 stone and a crickety jaw (wish I ate fish instead of all that chewy meat).

It's definitely possible just gotta take action and keep at it, like with all things I guess!

3: I gained 10 kg, because of Chrismas.

Jesus 10kg in what a week? Lmao
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Positive Mental Attitude - PMA.

Work on changing your thoughts. Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Do it EVERYDAY.

Rinse & repeat and watch your life change !

I would say it's not so much about positive thinking. You can't think positively all the time and you'll just end up blaming yourself more when you have negative thoughts.

OP, a better fix would be to start reframing things and changing the "metrics" by which you judge situations.

For example, why look for that magical "connection" when you're talking to people? Some different metrics to judge interactions by would be:
-Level of mutual respect / trust
-Whether you're enjoying yourself or not
-Whether you fell better around that person compared to being alone or with certain other people

Life isn't a Disney movie. No one but yourself will ever fully 100% understand you on that "deeper" level - whatever the fuck that means. Try being more honest around people and with yourself about what you truly want perhaps, I bet you find some great people who you will be able to relate to a lot.
My problem is crypto because it is benefiting only rich. Poor cannot risk their savings on crap crypto.
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