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    Hello BHW

    How about the title line?

    Actually I was working on a script will manage my tier1/tier2 blogs by creating remote blog post to a wordpress blog along with following features:
    1. 90+% unique content : Using sentence level spun and human edited articles
    2. One random image from repository
    3. Related quotes from quotes repository
    4. Related youtube video
    5. Auto runs at specified intervals (daily, twice a week, weekly etc etc)
    6. Blogroll link may point to your money site, you may also sell links to others for monetization. [Manual Process for now]
    7. Random article may have a link to your money site or an inner page[Manual Process for now]

    This will keep the blog fresh with updated content. The script is in final stages of development and is good for anyone out there who is lazy enough. The domain that I have in mind is automanagedblogs [AMB]

    Is there any cost for the above solution? It will remain absolutely free for all BHW members. The maximum that you might be asked for is 5 articles from your niche which will be used in the system after generating human edited sentence level spinning.

    The reason of this post. Say my money site is about pets.

    Step 1:
    Buy new or old pr domains say 3 and transfer the ownership to 3 different members on the group. The benefits:
    1. Different C class IP's
    2. Different ownership. No need to worry about how big G looks at ownership's.
    3. Set it up from AMB and forget it.

    Step 2:

    Buy another set of 9/12/15 domains and repeat step 1 above. Here you will be linking to your tier1 domains and occasionally to your money site [NOT advised]

    Although you have transferred domains to someone else you will have complete control over link building. The new owner will only have to provide the hosting environment, nothing else.

    So the equation works out like this. If I have 20 domains transferred to 20 members then in return I will be hosting 20 domains from same or different members.

    Caution: You cannot have adsense on any of these domains that you have transferred. Although you can sell banners/links on them if you want.

    1. I am NOT a adsense fan but as this question might pop up I am putting it here for general poll. Can the new owner have adsense on all the domains that he/she is hosting without any problem? This is the only thing the new owner can have if possible. All other features will be available to the original owner.
    2. Is it really worth to do this excercise which looks complex at first go? It was an early morning idea so I shared here to get feedback.

    Looking forward to your responses.