You have the system? I do the work, you keep the $$$

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by bstsystems, Nov 16, 2011.

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    I am tired of trying to make my website make money. I have put years into it and it just got slapped by panda.

    So, I am looking for a mentor who has a very honed system of making websites quickly and profitably. I need someone who has done the same creating>monetizing>profiting process over and over and has refined it to a franchise sort of level.

    What is my offer? You show me the process that you use, step by step, and I will make the website. I email you any questions that I have while doing the work. After the site is done and it is hitting its goal revenue amount (let's say $1,000-$2,000/mo) then I hand the site over to you, and you own it.

    So long story short, you show me the process, I do all of the work without much effort on your part, and then you reap the benefit of owning a whole extra site with a revenue stream.

    If it usually takes you 100 hours to set up a site like this, and teaching me only takes you 20 hours, then aren't you getting the same benefit in the end with only doing 20% of the work?
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    You have been on BHW for the past 5 months and you still do not know how to create a profitable website then you won't succeed even if somebody gives you all the instructions. Anybody will tell you the following:

    1. Find a niche - do keyword research
    2. write content - LSI content
    3. Do onpage SEO - there are tons of threads and WSOs in the download section on it.
    4. Create backlinks - There are tons of threads on it.
    5. Profit

    For a start, if you are struggling, do this - right now -

    go to flippa - just sold websites
    Find a site monetized with adsense and making around 500 dollars per month

    Make similar website - optimise for similar keywords ( both onpage and offpage )

    After finishing one, start five more similar websites .

    There you have it.

    There is no secret method. Its just grunt work.
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