You always fail at making money? Use your time to learn.

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by pasdoy, Aug 10, 2010.

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    It's a very simple technique everyione else here should think about. We are in the black hat industries, some of the user here will waste so much time reading e-books, blogs, etc. You are smart, you want to learn. If so, then learn a new language at

    How it will help you?
    I learned html for fun at school one time. After lets say 6 months, I was good with html, xml, and css. Now I work for the provincial governement here. I work from 8h30-4h30, paid 14$/hr clear in my office(yep LOL). Best is I am the younger worker they ever had, and I only got this job after one phone call. Some of you will say we have left our job like this for bhw cause it sucked. Well I am currently at work, I read bhw and news every am/pm.

    You can always find some tutorial online for everything.

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    I think there are advantages to learning HTML and CSS for Affiliate/Internet Marketing, but don't think it's all that necessary. The good news is it is pretty easy and fast to learn. And I really only use my HTML + CSS knowledge for editing Wordpress templates a little bit to be quite honest, and you probably only need to be familiar with very basic HTML + CSS to do the type of edits I do.
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    Man, you have a big mouth...

    His job is obviously better then what he had before. And the same probably was it for you with your job... So only because you are a bit wider now (and probably a bit older) dont mean you should speak this way to another one...

    And html, css and php in 2 days? And you learned it? What does this mean? Hello World? Even after years of coding I dont know everything at php and you try to make someone small with this stupid sentence?
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