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Yicora is a scammer

Discussion in 'The Shit List' started by Afflicted, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. Afflicted

    Afflicted Regular Member

    May 21, 2009
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    I bought 1k from him for 15$, I tested them and later found out that only 500 of them worked.
    I went to buy more from him and here are the chat logs.

    elzarie (12:43:37 PM): hi

    me (1:24:36 PM): Hey

    me(1:24:39 PM): can i buy the rest?

    elzarie (1:24:45 PM): sure

    me (1:25:26 PM): k

    me (1:25:27 PM): how many ug ot

    elzarie (1:25:51 PM): i checked yesterday

    elzarie (1:25:56 PM): and the full working

    elzarie (1:25:59 PM): about 5 k

    me (1:26:02 PM): ill take all

    me (1:26:05 PM): how much $$?

    elzarie (1:26:19 PM): 70

    me (1:26:39 PM): paypal = ?

    elzarie (1:27:26 PM): affiliate@international-deal.org

    me (1:30:21 PM): xxxxxx, you have sent $70.00 USD to Jack.

    elzarie (1:30:31 PM): Trans id

    me (1:30:56 PM): Amount: $70.00 USD
    Transaction Date: Sep. 5, 2009
    Transaction ID: 9Wxxxxxxxxx0047511

    elzarie (1:31:05 PM): let me check

    me (1:35:47 PM): all good?

    elzarie (1:36:11 PM): 1 min slow connection

    me (1:36:16 PM): ok

    elzarie (1:38:33 PM): well

    elzarie (1:38:36 PM): chcked

    elzarie (1:38:45 PM): your email

    me (1:39:29 PM): gmails?

    elzarie (1:39:38 PM): your email to send

    elzarie (1:39:41 PM): gmails

    elzarie (1:39:42 PM): on

    me (1:39:45 PM): xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com

    elzarie (1:40:51 PM): well

    elzarie (1:41:01 PM): gmails 'll be at your inbox

    elzarie (1:41:03 PM): in

    elzarie (1:41:06 PM): 30-1 houe

    elzarie (1:41:07 PM): r

    And I never got them.
    I did a paypal reversal and that paypal account is already suspended / banned.
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