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Discussion in 'Clickbank' started by OTrap, May 27, 2011.

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    I recently promoted an offer, and I noticed that I was getting hops to three different vendor accounts.

    How is it that if I send people to a CB link, my affiliate account name is somehow passed to the other Clickbank links as well?

    Example: I sent an email blast with the following link:

    In doing so, I should see hops in my analytics that are all connected to the "bigassmoney" vendor account.

    However, when I look, I'm also getting hops to "bigasscash" and "bigassdough." I get that the owner of the first one just probably has links to his others, but I am curious. How is it that it was able to pass my affiliate cookie to the other two?

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    To be honest my CB products are REALLY out of date (like at least 2 years) but I remember them talking about allowing you to do multiple products from 1 vendor account instead of having to open an account and pay the $50 per product. My guess would be that this is a result of that and if they're linking to another product from their sales page it will pass the cookie.

    Just a guess though.