Yep, another Paypal victim.

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    Mar 23, 2012
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    I have a website that sells things like gift cards and cd keys - code only (but for some items we actually send scans of the physical cards and etc. if requested by the customer) - Anyways, over the last 3 days some supposedly fraudulent transactions were made and since the delivery system I use delivers the customer's purchase instantly it has resulted in me losing the exposed codes and also the money that has been reversed. The paypal business account I have been using has also been limited and can't be appealed.

    Any suggestions on what you guys think I could do? Not sure how I can obtain another paypal account to receive and send payments so that's pretty frustrating. The account I was using is owned by a friend in America and being from this particular part in Asia other alternatives like Alertpay, Trialpay, 2co and etc. all don't cater to those that live in my area and even if they do all the processing for withdrawing money and etc. takes atleast a week.
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    How about liberty reserve? I see they don't do chargebacks but looks like it could possibly be a pain transferring money.