Yea Today I bought SEO Tutorial DVD


Dec 9, 2013
Hello Every one,

I want to learn SEO so Today I bought SEO Video Tutorial DVD. Its in local Language. If its in english the i will share it to all.

Wish my Success & i can learn a good lesson. & after that i can offer you a good service.

Thanks a lot
OP when you have BHW what's the need of it :) also launched in the wrong section...
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You'd get more value from reading the forums then an outdated SEO DVD.

But good luck!
I would say, it is of least use to you. You would learn and will be updated more and regular if you Read here instead of wasting time watching some old dude giving out lectures on how to play with penguin!
You Paid For it So good Luck.
Anyway If you share it it would be useful for someone for sure.Everyone don't like to read But patience is the key to success .
Take actions to your knowledge.
Well, for all that - I admire your willingness to share something you've clearly strived to get yourself.
Whether it proves useful or not, the sentiment is appreciated.

Good man - and good luck.

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