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    I am looking to make a program which to a coder would be a simple task but I am trying to make it myself and don't know where to start. I can drive very niche and specific traffic to my site through Yahoo Groups' send email function. This program has several components.

    Scrape member list and open 'send email' page , or if memberlist is not present scrape all posts, filter to only unique users and open 'send email' page.

    Then from the send email page the process hits a bug when Error 999 pops up. To prevent this, the program needs proxies to rotate every x minutes so that the error message is never met.

    The second hiccup comes when the "blank page" appears, meaning that you are not quite 999'd yet but your yahoo account is temporarily banned from sending emails. The program then needs to rotate accounts, rejoin the yahoo group, and resume posting.

    Of course, it will also need a Yahoo account generator to combat the second hiccup.

    With this game plan, I could theoretically reach thousands of people per day email spamming every member of any Yahoo Group of my liking by evading Yahoo's spam-security measures. If anyone could help me start this out I would be very thankful. I could dominate any new site I make, knowing exactly how to drive traffic to it, and make sites accordingly to what groups exist on yahoo, making the cash flow a more garenteed process.