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  1. So for a very long time now, I've boosted my own videos on Xvideos and have jumped through the hurtles when they changed things and kept building likes and views. To be honest, I haven't made a dime on Xvideos promoting Clickbank, crakrev and so on.... Not a dime.... I even have channels I've boosted the likes and video views on that have gained over 1500 friends and over 1000 subscribers.

    Besides my own stuff, I know other people are trying to get likes and views. Do you think it would be profitable for me to offer a service of likes and views and make packages?

    Please don't PM me about this. I'm just trying to gain some insight.
  2. sesomayid

    sesomayid Newbie

    Mar 30, 2017
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    I think adult niche is really hard to bank now
  3. I know it is, but there are people maybe who would want this service no matter what they hear... Any thoughts?