Aug 28, 2010
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is xrumer the best out of scrapebox, senuke..etc.?
i didn't realize xrumer was so expensive :S i thought maybe it would be $100-$150 but over $500. damn. :eek:

im new to web design, cpa, and seo, is there a guarantee that ill be able to rank to the first page of google for my search term if i jack out the money for this? i dont mean really high competition keywords, lets say low medium to low. and is there unlimited updates?
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if you are new to Seo i dont think you should even think of getting xrumer because it takes time to do it good and get decent results with it...its not only to buy it and then all top rankings will just come from the heaven. as far as scrapebox goes its a little easier to understand and its much cheaper. but i would suggest you to learn as much as you can about seo and other things bacuse you will need it later when you want to start with any program like scrapebox.

and their is definatly no guarantee that you can rank good with any program beacuse a program like xrumer takes time to learn and manage in the right way.
you should learn first about seo .. and after that to come here:D
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