Xrumer question


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Apr 6, 2008
Hey guys,
I looking to purchase xrumer. But i still have a couple of questions i have not been able to find answers too. My main question is say i have 1500 links i want to get indexed will xrumer do this automatically?

Also how long would it take to get 1500 links indexed with xrumer?
No xrumer does not index the links for you. Indexing depends on whether spiders crawl the page or not. To increase the chances of all your backlinks being indexed you should create an rss feed. xRumer makes the back links
So what percentage of xrumer's links get indexed do you think? Without an rss feed?
most forums that are crawled and indexed by search engines. When you have links made by xrumer on these forums.
All of the links that you post to public forums that are not deleted would eventually get indexed. It is just a matter of time.

The problem would be that some of the links would be deleted before they get indexed.
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