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    anybody interested in sharing with my a dedicated server for XRumering? This is for everybody, who already has XRumer and is in the danger to get shut down by his dedi hoster. So I do not want to share a XR license, I just want to setup and share a powerful proxy.

    I suggest the server on wrzhost.com (99$, unlimited BW, 100MBit/s, 2 IPs). No complaints they claim, no problems. Honkong. 100MBit/s might be enough for 2 quad cores attached.

    * Half/half efforts: I will install squid proxies (high anonymous). (Also possible might be vpn). You might be then responsible to make the payments, I'll pay in the first second when the server is there / make some payments in advance / or possibly vice versa.
    * I will only use the host for XRumering.
    * You must be a reputated member on BHW.
    * No noobs. No idiots.
    * You have your own XR license. Please do not contact me, if you have no XR license.

    Anybody interested?